As domestic professional hardness measurement solution provider, we introduce advanced hardness measurement equipment and technology from abroad: Our product portfolios ranges as: magnitude of hardness tester, rockwell hardness tester, brinell hardness tester, vickers hardness tester, shaw sclerometer, international rubber hardness tester, Scott hardness tester, hardness tester, etc., online hardness tester, etc. We also supply customized hardness measurement system, a comprehensive hardness testing product lines. We aim to provide first-class hardness measurement technology and after-sales service, improved customer experience in hardness measurement.

In 2008, granted as sole agent for Finland Mirka, supplying high-end products to provide customers with conveniency of one-stop technical service, and the domestic inventory at three locations.

In 2010, cooperating with Affri an Italien manufacturer, strengthened and consolidate our absolute technical advantage in the field of hardness measurement, especially in metal hardness measurement, make hardness measurement is convenient, fast, efficient and accurate.

In 2011, formally signed agreement with Germany bareiss solely responsible in the domestic marketing, sales, technical services and after-sales service.

In 2012, became agent for Japan Matsuzawa's hardness tester, and solely responsible for domestic market and sales of its products.

At the beginning of 2013, became the agent Extec polishing equipment from United States, providing customers with the globalized sample preparation equipment.

In April 2013, became agent in MAV tensile testing machine from Germany, filling the gaps in the domestic high-end tensile testing machine, and improving the quality of customer experience in tensile testing.

In May 2013, became the agent for WPM testing machine in Germany, the German first-class quality testing machine, effectively improving the quality of the customer tests.

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